August 30, 2018


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November 13, 2017


I like this quote because it couples who you are with kindness. This world is ruthless, yo! I look around and I see so much unfair heartache, so much devastation, so much inequality, so much exclusivity.

It's there - always. You know what else is there though? Kindness. 
And kindness wins. 

Every. Dang. Time.

October 19, 2017

The humbling BEAUTY in TRAUMA.

It was nearing dinnertime and I started to get antsy for some exploring so I texted Jason. He was in the same boat and was just wrapping up work. I think his words were something like, "meet in the driveway in 10?" Gotta love a husband who shares the same spontaneity and works just outside.


We ditched dinner and peaced out. Rem fell asleep and I didn't even mind that it was 5PM, I was just riding the carefree vibes! We got to Waterton and met your typical weather of wind and slight sleet. For those who don't know, our hallowed national park was hit with a forest fire the end of summer and it was just so devastating. I couldn't believe the route that fire happened to take. It just barely skipped the townsite and the Prince of Whales hotel. Unreal!

Rem slept.
We drove.
We stared.

When Rem woke up, I told her to put on her "adventure pants" and we braved the wind and cold to explore a little. She knew exactly what she was looking at, this fire hit too close to home. We prayed for the protection of that sweet place for a loooong time and it was extremely humbling to see the aftermath. Fire fighters are gems!

I will always love Waterton. The mountains are so exposed now with their lack of foliage, but I still find it beautiful! Everything seems so GRAND and raw. Stripped down to the very base. I read an article regarding some concern that the tourists won't be coming back year after year anymore. Next year should be fine because everyone will want to see the impact of the fire, but they say only the locals will continue to come because there is a deeper beauty to that place than just the trees and the park appeal.

I applied that to life as I sat there and stared at all the burnt trees and black stubble. As we go through life, we are hit with trauma --- stripped down and exposed. The pretty fades and we become more raw but those who really matter will stick around and keep coming back for more because you're something they love and care about, no matter what.

I'm all about that unconditional love.