January 2, 2013


There are so many different programs that format yearbooks for you like Blurb, Mixbook, Artifact UprisingMy Publisher, Picaboo, Lulu, and places like Costco or Walmart. I have tried all of these but I personally like Shutterfly the best. I find their quality and processing to be my favorite (especially with all of their deals and giveaways) but to each their own!

Some things I like to include in our yearbooks:
  • Year in review page. This just sums everything up right as you open it. Highlights, additions, current living situation, hobbies, things you learned? You can create anything really!
  • Obvious occasions. Birthday, holidays, anniversary, and BIG events/parties.
  • Friends page. I don't purposely think to snap pictures with friends but for some reason it does happen. I like to compile those images of acquaintances just to see who we hung out with throughout the year. I try to not put family on this page so that's tough sometimes... forced socialization much?? :P
  • Summer fun page. Let's be real, we live in Canada so the majority of our adventurous photos exist in a span of 3-4 months! :P I generally have a good collection so summer gets it's own pages. Reunions, Magrath Days and 70% of my family's birthdays? It's just a PARTY season!
  • Jar of hearts page. I have a jar with a wooden heart attached to it sitting in our kitchen. Plain sight. Throughout the year Jason and I jot down memories, thoughts, or funny moments and toss them in the jar. Every New Years Eve we read them one by one. Jason laughs, I get a little teary, and then I also laugh bahaa. It's another chart-topping tradition that I love! I then type these out with their dates on a page at the end of our yearbook just for future reference. It's a bit more personal to see the day-to-day thoughts rather than just photos + Jason joins in. If he enjoys it I know it's good!
  • Whatever else page. My photos generally tell me what else I should include or if I missed a prime photo. It's also a good time to do a little photo clean up. If there are photos you skip, delete them!

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