January 10, 2013


Jason had 1 request this year and that was that he wanted to go curling with a big group of friends. Now I don't know if it was just the night or the lack of interest but not very many couples wanted to go curling (yea yea we won't take it personally), so we started the night with dinner at the Mongolie Grill. Since when was that place so darn expensive? 

We made curling a party with who we had and even Marilyn and Rod joined in! I haven't curled since I was probably in grade 9 but I never remember being so bad! Maybe the ones in my town were a bit shorter, and maybe the provincial curlers around us were super intimidating but either way the game got a bit competitive. Our team won by 1 point and deep down I was pretty proud. Even though I wasn't much help, it turned out being a lot of fun!

Happy birthday JP! I luhhh you!

How cute are these two?

Ended the night with some Timmy's hot cocoa. Fake excitement! Holla!

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