March 2, 2013

Benny and the Bry.

I know I have been counting things down for about 3 months now but just in case you haven't heard, BEN IS COMING HOME IN 4 DAYS!

It has been 2 years and I am pretty done waiting. For those that have waited for boyfriends, friends, or family members I salute you. It is a pretty tough wait. I have seen 3 brothers come home so far but the anxiety and excitement I am feeling for Ben is way too overwhelming! I know I am going to cry when he walks in through those airport doors. I made the mistake of calling him my "other half" the other day and too many people corrected me that Jason is my other half. Shoot! I settled on calling them my "other quarters".

Just a few little stories about Ben though. We have been through a lot together. We were  born 3 months premature and it was a bumpy ride but I am sure happy we have blessed with the health we have. My Mom, being the amazing lady that she is, kept baby books for us with pictures, written updates, and day by day accounts of what we went through. With a lot of prayers, blessings, and faith my family got through this and it is sure neat to read about now. My parents are so strong!

"There was a lot of excitement as they gave me a blood transfusion and got you out as quickly as possible. If that had happened earlier they wouldn't have been able to save any of us. What little miracles!" - Mom.

(Mom didn't see us in person until a week after. How hard would that have been?)

Our baby Buddha picture.

 I have been told a lot throughout my life that Ben and I supported each other through everything. An account from my Grandma that she recalls is Ben climbing the kitchen cabinets to get to the cookie jar, and me standing by his chair cheering him on.
(I obviously made him do all of my dirty work. Clever.)

To Bry: "You love your stroller and jump into it and then pat the seat next to you for Ben." - Mom.

I guess we didn't always see eye to eye because, from reading, it sounds like I mothered Ben a lot as some of my first words were "no Ben". He was crawling first and would plough me over as we raced for toys, or would dunk me in the tub. I eventually grew a backbone and learned to fight back because apparently we made one Christmas pretty exciting by getting in a fight over baby Jesus.

I could read these books of ours over and over. I always find something new.

We grew up in Magrath where there were twins all over the place. Seriously there must have been something in the water because in my graduating class there were 5 sets. In our experience we always had fun with friends and enjoyed the perks of going through school with a buddy. We were in the same class until grade 6 and I am pretty sure my world was shattered when I found out that Ben and I were in different classes and were separated. It was a good thing though. We experienced different friends, and we learned to fend for ourselves on school assignments. I still kept a close eye on him though.

Ben and I are different but we still remained close through years. It was no walk in the park and there really is not much privacy with someone in your grade, at the same activities, and the same age in your life. I always knew who he liked, who he was hanging out with, and what he was going through. People would always think we were a couple but the minute they found out he was my twin they would ask for me to help set them up. Yup it was a greeeeeat role haha and it was a vicious cycle. On the flip side, if he ever had a crazy girl creeping on him he would signal me to come to his rescue and I would grab his hand and pull him away. I guess I looked like a jealous girlfriend? It did the trick.

Twins are not telepathic but Ben and I could read each other extremely well. I am fascinated with twins and if I had the option I would totally have some of my own one day. (Preferably boy/girl.) There are 3 other sets of twins in my extended family and you can sure see how well they play together and get along. Sure there are the occasional ones that despise each other but in our case we were lucky.

He is an extremely talented "other quarter" and and he has changed a lot being out on his mission but I am so excited for Wednesday!!

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  1. Awe, I'm so excited! That was a cute post. I remember touching you in your little glass box through a gloved hole for the first time. You wer so tiny! You two are little miracles and it's crazy how different you are. 4 more days!