March 7, 2013

Safe and sound.

There is nothing that worries me more than flight plans that don't work out. Okay maybe there are a few things that are more worrying, but flying is right up there. When the snow storm hit an hour before Ben was supposed to be flying into Lethbridge, a huge knot formed in my stomach. I was way too excited for him to come home that I didn't even clue into the chance of it not happening. We live in Canada for goodness sake. Weather is never in our favor - I should known this. 

We got to the airport with 10 minutes to spare and were told by the flight attendants that we probably shouldn't expect any arrivals until the next morning. We watched as his arrival date kept getting pushed farther and farther back. Depressing. 

Food always brightens a mood so we went out and ate. Call me emotional but my heart literally hurt. I just pictured him stuck and I was crushed. We were waiting for our orders with our spirits kind of low with Dad on his phone trying to figure out how to make contact with Ben in Calgary, Lauren and Darcy making calls telling us that flights were changing, and Jason constantly checking an airport app. All of a sudden Jason realized that Ben's arrival date had stopped changing and that his plane was actually on its way! Crazy! We had 15 minutes so we swapped our orders to take-out and headed back to the airport. 

We were all so anxious checking the windows, the screens, and the time. It felt like Christmas again as you wait and wait for the time when everyone is allowed to go wake up Mom and Dad to open gifts. It really wasn't too long but I was so relieved to see him walk through those airport doors! Holy smokes. There is something about a short haircut, a suit, luggage, and a big smile that they can never contain. I know this is embarrassing to admit but I lost control and did this leprechaun dance I never knew existed. (I guess it is March yea?)

Anyways I hugged him so hard and then BOOM. Cried.
I tried so hard to just act happy but clearly when I am too happy the tears start rolling.
He looked at me and then laughed and that's when I knew that he was still the Ben I know and love haha. 

I got the day off today and spent it just hanging out with him like the good ol' days. It might just be me but I think he is more funny and he has so many stories! He also is now crazy good at the guitar and piano. Talk about talented! I am easy to impress but it was entertaining. We spent the night looking up songs that he hadn't heard and don't get me started on Instagram. Insta what? Hash tags? Tweeting? A lady in your iPhone that answers your questions? Yup, this will be fun. 


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