April 21, 2013


Alright alright I realize it has been just about a month since I have written. No bueno. The problem is that as a transcriptionist I have officially hit a so called "writers block". The last thing I want to do in my down time after typing 24/7 is type some more. I am probably an arthritic mess waiting to happen as it is.

I have started several posts that end up looking a little bit like my brain these days, either a blank slate or complete mush. With all these government cuts, my job hours have been put on the chopping block. Those cuts have not been enforced yet but we just won't mention that...shhhhhh. As a result, I have been taking every chance I can get to work and work and work. I have seen my hand writing take a turn for the worse, I squint like nobody's business because just about everything is brighter than the dungeon I have been hiding out in, and I have a constant flow of nonsense terms, procedures, and medications that run through my mind on a regular basis. 

[Insert S.O.S. signal here.]

The only thing really keeping me sane these days are the good times with friends and family that come after work. In those moments I realize I am a big whiner and then I suck it up... until the next day... when work rolls around again. I am so sick of this cycle. Why was there such a push for women's independence again? I am counting down the days when Jason is making the moola and I get to be the housewife I have been dreaming of. I am kidding. However, I do get extremely jealous of my friends that are starting to become mamas with their quaint houses and cute crafty projects. Puhh. I am not exactly the crafty, domestic, creative type but try me. I dare ya.

I have also come to absolute despise snow. Seasonal depression is a thing and I realize that, but non-seasonal depression is what I have officially diagnosed myself with. We have had pretty much 1 dominant season and that is winter. It has cast a spell on SoAB and I am pretty darn sick of seeing snow in April. In 1 month we will be in California for Jason's brother's wedding and trust me that count down is on!


  1. I hear you, that would make my head spin day after day. You need a vacation! Come chill with me and my new babe! It`s sunny up here! Everything`s melting! i can`t believe you said you`re not crafty,domestic, creative: LIE. haha I LOVE YOU!

    1. I do need a vacation...see you in T-5 hours! haha. Can't wait to see your new little sweet baby. I hope it's a girl secretly. Shhhhhh!