April 28, 2013

Oh baby baby!

I feel like it is the season for a lot of things.

New diets.
Summer fever.
The summer job hunt.
New hair. (guilty)
Spring cleaning.
Kicking school to the curb.
Tidying up the yards.
Change in wardrobes.

I am sure you fit into at least one of those categories. Right now, however, I feel it is the season for 1 very major thing and that is babies. Whether it be prego friends or just the constant question of when I will be having kids, I feel like it runs my everyday conversations. I have around 8 friends pregnant right now and you can imagine how much pressure that puts on me! Did I mention my sister and sister in-law both had babies this month? BOOM! My sister in-law, Kristi, just had her little Hayden on April 1st and my sister, Lauren, just had her little Ray on the 25th! That creates even more pressure because I always think that my kids need to be close to their cousins. Unless they are weird, then I might not let them hang out. Sorry Lo, Kristi, and Jess. (Just kidding!)

I am so happy to have so many great ladies in my life that know the importance of motherhood and I know they are all going to rock at it. My sisters, however, that are now on their 3rd and 5th children, you just amaze me! How on earth do you remain sane, so beautiful, and still so fun? Thoughts are constantly running through my mind of how I can be a fun pregnant lady/mother. It is super important to me! I have heard and seen the horror stories to having the life sucked right out of you and to be honest it freaks me right out! I always used to think that because I love being an aunt I will kick butt at being a mom. Right? Yes I realize when they are my own it will be a whole different ball game, but I sure hope my kids turn out like my nieces and nephews. Seriously. How cute are they?

Love you Kristi and Lo!


  1. Oh you are so sweet. You're going to be a rockin mom one day (and in your own time- don't let the pressure get to you! Do your own thing, girl!) You're the best sister ever. I love you.

  2. I agree with lo! Love you lady!