May 12, 2013

Happy Mama's Day

I can't really express how much I love mom's. There is too much to be thankful for! It is something I have not yet experienced, but that I appreciate more than anything in the world! My own mother has gone through sooooo much and I think it will take the rest of my lifetime to pay her back even though she would never even expect it. I think a lot of mothers are like that - so selfless, patient, forgiving, and loving. I see it in my friends that have become moms, I see it in my sisters and sister in-laws, I see it in my cousins, I see it in my mother and mother in-law, and I have seen it it my amazing grandmothers. I am sure lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such amazing ladies. Thank goodness for fantastic women who help to make this world go round.

The weekend of Mother's Day we went camping for our friend Brit's birthday. We got there in the dark and when I woke up (bright and early to the sound of an annoying woodpecker) I found that the river bottom was filled with buffalo beans. It is a long story but these are a flower my dad brought to my mom when they were dating and she was sick in the hospital. It is now tradition to give some to her every Mother's Day so I picked a bunch. That night we hit the golf course with Jason's parents. It was the first time Marilyn had been golfing since her knee surgery but she did far better than me. I will admit I just golf because Jason gives me bright colored balls to use. I find that that makes it fun for me haha.

We later bought some beautiful vibrant orange/yellow/pink begonias for Marilyn. They were too pretty to pass up and they just might be my new favorite flower. 

Just a little plug for the Magrath Pharmacy for providing the cute bike planter. They sure have some cute things.

 All the kids in my family pitched in to buy my Mom a painting from The Art of Michelle on Etsy. She loved it! You can't really tell but the bark on the tree is music note print and Chester, our family pet beagle, is in the front. I liked this gift because this is the house I have lived in my whole life and I like the idea of having it documented. My Dad designed and built it and they moved in when Ben and I were just born, which was 22 years ago, so it is pretty special. We tried to get our big yard and massive cotton wood tree in the painting but the artist suggested it this way, so maybe someday we will get the rest. It turned out great I think!

We have another tradition on Mother's Day where Mom bows out of the kitchen and the boys make the meal. The meal was delicious so props to the men for successfully filling in for Mom. My dad is actually a great chef, Jason manned the peach juice, and Austy always mashes the potatoes their Mom's have taught them well. :P


  1. Ah I love the painting idea! I want to do that for my in-laws. How big was the print?

    1. The one we did was a 9 x 11 I think Mela. It was the perfect size in my opinion - not too big not too small. :)

  2. Couldn't have said it better! Love how the art turned out, that's so cool! Too bad you can't see the back deck and yard but that would have been a HUGE painting haha! Love ya!