June 22, 2013

Bright sunshiny day.

I love Saturdays. 
I love em. I love em. I love em. 
Without fail I get the cleaning bug on Saturday mornings, and it doesn't leave until I have got things nice and sparkly. This morning I took a break though and visited Grandma outside where she was cleaning up her flower beds. (I sure hope I can learn the tips and tricks to her green thumb someday.) She watered while we chatted and she let me pick some of her peonies, like she does every year. She knows that peonies are my favorite so that was music to my ears.

I have been on a "document the small things in life" kick lately, so I ran into the house and decided to take some pictures of Grandma's flower garden because it brings back some great memories. Words cannot express my obsession for flowers. Not the store bought ones (pressure is off, Jason) but personally grown flowers. Someday I will definitely have a flower garden and I owe it to my Gma who taught my own Mama to do the same.

I was taking pictures when I heard the familiar hum of a machine I know way too well. I looked up to find my little brother, Austin, coming home from mowing some lawns. My family has owned a lawn mowing business that every kid has been part of since we first could push a push mower. Being on the short side of things, I didn't get to advance to the ride mower very fast because:

A. I could barely reach the brake when I was 12.
B. I had two brothers close in age with me that were taller, and stronger, and just better at it. 

But hey, my upper body strength was something to be proud of back in my prime! I can't complain... I'm kidding!
Austy had no trouble reaching the brake on the ride mower, being the tall monster that he is. In fact, my parents just upgraded to this shiny Husqvarna mower this year. Spiffy! I find it so sad that I notice lawn mowers more than I notice cars. 

I honestly can't believe how much this guy has grown. I love getting to live close to him because he is a lot of fun and I love getting to hear about his life. I teach the girls his age in church too which has been perfect but not for long because they are all starting to move up.

Speaking of...
Ladies, this handsome guy turns 16 next week and he is single! He enjoys fishing and even if you don't like slimy fish or swampy water, canoe rides and sunsets are still quite romantic. If you are lucky, he will give you a ride on his scooter, or maybe even take you on a date on his shiny lawn mower. He is a fan of card games, sports, and well pretty much anything. He loves long walks along Wally's beach, and makes some mean oreo cookies. The keys to his heart are steak, icecream or miniwheats but if you gave him all 3 he would love you even more. He is one great kid but if you are interested...call me first. 
Please and thank you!
(I am so dead if he ever reads this.)

ANYWAYS, I am glad we are having some sunshine finally after all of that gloomy rain. I sure hope everyone who was affected by the flooding is doing okay, including my sister and her sweet family. (Updates of that to come.)
I sure hope you all had a great sunshiny Saturday like I did. 

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  1. I am so jealous of that mower! I would have loved it! I always had green under my finger nails and dry hands from scooping mulch out of the blades underneath. Not to mention those suckers rattled like beasts and did NOT turn on a dime like that one. But, hey, I'm one tough son of a gun for it! hehe P.S. I LOVE peonies and I LOVE Grandma :)