June 12, 2013

Hayden Griffin Grae.

This last weekend Jason and I jumped in the car and headed to Edmonton. We made a quick pit stop in High River to see my lovely sister, her new little man Ray, and the rest of her sweet family who just moved there. Lucky them! I would love a house! (Give it 10+ years though? Boo.) 

We drove into Edmonton just in time for dinner so Jason treated me to my favorite Edmonton eat-out spot... Red Robin. For some reason I am in love with their BBQ wrap. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Call me crazy but it is delish!
After that we headed to my brother's house where he and his wife were having a bonfire with some couples. They were nice enough to let us join in on the fun and it was a good time! Warewolf is always best played around the fire anyway.

We got to my oldest brother's house later in the evening and crammed as much catching up in as possible until we were pretty much falling asleep standing up. It happens every time and it has become the big joke because we always just sit and chat until the wee hours of the morning. Terrible but completely uncontrollable! They are just too much fun and I sure wish everyone had a couple like D&K in their family. They are as hospitable as it gets in hosting big crowds even with their 5 kids and they LOVE to have you in their life. You just enjoy being with them and you know they enjoy having you around. We all know that type. It's the best. 

The weekend was filled with delicious food, fun games, some occasional breakouts in dancing, and an old timers soccer game on Dave's team that wasn't as easy as I expected. Those 60-year-old's have still got it! Sunday finally rolled around. The big day. David and Kristi blessed their little 1-month old, Hayden, who was born very premature. He is a little miracle and I could hold him in my arms for days. So sweet. You learn to never take life for granted staring into his sweet face especially with the sacrifices made by his sweet mama!

Happy hump day!
Oh and...
I had to add these. Camryn is the goofiest/sweetest girl you will ever meet! Love her PJ shorts in the middle pic the most! haha.

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