June 4, 2013

Peterson Vacation.

I have had a week of crazy but this is better late than never right? Last weekend we got home from our extra long weekend in Cali. We were in California because Jason's brother, Darren, got married! Chris is a super exciting addition because not only is she gorgeous but she is extremely talented and so much fun! I can't wait for them to move to Canada!

After 10 days of flying and driving between Arizona and California we are happy to back in the TRUE NORTH! Don't get me wrong, it was super fun and we loved the sun, but I guess eskimo in me resurfaced and I was ready to be home. However, the rain could slow down a bit right about now.

 We enjoyed Sea World, Disney Land, shopping, the ocean, Champy's birthday, family dinners, and of course the actual wedding day. I think this video will help show just how much fun we had.

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  1. This was soo cute! What a trip! You guys looked so tan and awesome!