June 21, 2013

You are gourd-geous.

I have a little tradition in my family that has only been going for a few years now, but each Christmas my family and I decorate some type of squash/vegetable and prank our neighbors with it. One year we painted a sweet south pole mural on a pumpkin, another year we made a butternut squash into a reindeer, and last year my brother (who is great at artistic graffiti letters) wrote Merry Christmas on a zucchini. 

Well just a couple of days ago I came home to this beauty that someone had dropped off in my house. 

Turns out my Dad and Jason had been dropping some things off at the dump when my dad found THIS and immediately thought I would love it for a prank. I did. I do. I named him Gordo and I am still racking my brain for a good prank I could use him in. If only it was closer to Christmas, the green would have been perfect for a Grinch! Halloween is still too far off but Frankenstein was my next thought.

Before you all think I am crazy, I personally just love traditions and the fact that my dad can look at this sucker and think, "Oh Bry could totally use that for a prank." Inside jokes are worth the random effort and let's be honest, you would love to have this huge misshaped unknown squash end up on your door step. I just know it!

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