July 19, 2013

Feeling 22.

It has been a beautiful birthday. Mom and Dad threw a fun combined birthday breakfast for Austy, Jesse, and I at their place this morning. We then played the classic hot&cold gift search game with everyone and I headed to work. I feel so spoiled living in a small town where you can walk down the street and someone will give you a birthday shout out.

Two years ago I spent my birthday working at the UofA as a transcriptionist and no one knew me so my birthday wasn't mentioned once. It was kind of earth shattering and a little depressing so I don't recommend that haha.

My other "quarter" is spending his birthday up in Grand Prairie selling for Vivint. Boring! We haven't had a birthday together for about 4 years now and that is alright but I miss actually getting so see him celebrate our birthday so I decided to do something a bit special. I made a video. A very poor quality one from iPhone clips might I add. (That is all I know how to do at the moment, but give it time haha) I had a lot of fun with it and everyone in it were great sports! Seriously this was probably more of a gift for me haha. Ben has too much good in him that people needed to bring up so with that being said, I hope you enjoy this video and all its glory!

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  1. Wow! That is so great! What a ton of work. So nice to see so many familiar faces...loved Charlie BLy and the "Ice Cream" folks :)