July 7, 2013

High River Flood.

I know a lot of you had heard about the flooding in High River but it hit pretty close to home for us because my sister and brother in-laws family were part of it. Their house's basement had to be completed gutted and Darcy's dental practice was 4 feet under water too. They had only moved in for a week when all of this happened so it was quite the shock. 

A group of men and young men from our ward rallied together and even though they were told that no one was to come in to High River yet and help, they managed to get special permission. Lauren and Darcy's house was the first one to be worked on. These are some pictures of the day it all happened.

I just want to say that I have one amazing sister who is stronger than I will ever be! She was right in there with cleaning up but you will see the sweetest picture of her and Baby Ray. She is supermom. They sacrificed a lot to get to High River in the first place and now have to spend days away from their kids because it just isn't safe for them to be there. I sure hope things come together quickly. Love you lots and lots Lo!

Lo and Dad.

Lauren and Darcy. 

Sweet baby Ray - the calm among the storm. 

Mom and Lo.

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