July 1, 2013


It has been hot but I am loving it like crazy. 
Jason and I have had the most outrageous long weekend. I don't know how we always manage to cram so much in in such little time but we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much fun! 

We met up with some friends in Waterton the first night and rode bikes around while just having a good time. I love Waterton more than anything. I worked there for a summer housekeeping and ever since I have felt like there is a piece of me there always. It is kind of magical. Sappiness aside, it was a lot of fun just spending time with friends and camping overnight. We have some pretty great buds.

Double Rainbowwwww.
On Canada Day Jase and I met up with both of our families for the Raymond parade. I sat with Bailey and it was so cute watching her as she collected candy and added more and more to her "candy stash" beside me. She also kept a close eye on Emery who tried a couple of times to steal some.

Mark and Emma joined us at the parade and we decided to get some friends together for some bridge jumping. The +32 degree weather was a bit unbearable.

After a few hours there we grabbed dinner and headed to the Henderson fireworks of course. To be honest we are always at a different place every Canada Day. This tradition is never set in stone and I kind of like it that way. Whether it be friends, family, Waterton, Cardston, Raymond, Lethbridge, it is always a good time.



  1. Love your new blog look! You guys have way too much fun!

    1. Haha thanks Cassie! I hear you are home! We need to go for some Fro Yo or something ASAP. :)