July 17, 2013

YW Camp

When Jason and I were first married and were living in Edmonton we got called into nursery, myself specifically as the "singing time instructor". Say whaaat? I didn't even know there was such a thing. I feel like all newly weds are thrown in there just for the subtle hint to have kids. Really though they need to rethink that strategy because if anything is makes you want to run for the hills and stock up on birth control like no tomorrow! From 0 kids to 23 was a bit of jump don't you think? I am definitely joking. All puzzles, slobbery toys, and sleeping bunny songs aside, we absolutely loved it. I didn't have to prepare lessons, almost all of the kids were enjoyable, they loved Jason, he loved them, and it was just a fun time. Simple as that.

When we moved back to my home ward here in Magrath I felt just like that...home. The only problem was that I went from the hidden young girl in nursery to " yesssss, Bryanna BENNETT is back!" To this day they still mess up my last name but that is understandable. I got called as a Sunday school teacher to the 14 year olds and man was it a big shock! Here I was teaching all of my classmates little siblings. That alone was fine but with choir, subbing for the sacrament meeting chorister, and running to and from in-laws houses for dinners, I started to realize that my Sundays were the busiest days of the week.

I got a call one Sunday before church (1 o'clock gives you all the time in the world) saying that I was to meet  at the church at 12. It was then and there that I was called as the miamaid advisor. Music to my ears! Doesn't every girl dream of being a YW leader someday? I carried on with my 3 other "callings" for a couple of more months and then it all fizzled. Well sort of. Now I just bring some of the young women to choir, teach the young women to lead in sacrament meeting, teach young women lessons, and plan young women activities. Okay, so much for a day of rest. It is SO much fun though and worth all the time and effort.

Summer came up pretty fast and one of our big activities is young women camp. This year our theme that Tabatha gets all the credit for was...wait for it....

Cosmic Camp: To Eternity and Beyond.

We decided to keep the girls in suspense with clues each week. The first week we gave them a package of large rockets. The good ol' powdery Canadian rockets might I add. ;) The next week we handed out sugar cookies in the shape of a temple. There were some great guesses like, "our church is out of this world" but things took a turn for the worst when one girl guessed "we are going to blow up the temple with rockets". Shoot. That was quickly settled with a resounding no.

The big day came for presenting our theme at an activity. Apparently being the "young and energetic one" I was put in charge of dressing up like a martian and somehow delivering the big news! Preeeeessure! Russ is the theatrical one, not me.

I ended up making a ridiculous video to present the theme to the girls and I was so ashamed to show it to them but whatever. You can view it if you promise to just not judge or mock me for the rest of my life. The password is: camp. Maybe it was the fact that everyone made me replay it 3 times that made it a bit overkill? Who knows. Haha.

Camp was a BLAST! Pun intended. Oh and did I mention that Jason got to come along? His very first girls camp. Can you say heart throb? Joookes.

Sassy Saturn.
Jeweled Out Jupiter. 
Snickering Saturn.

Observing the night sky - flash was TOO bright!

Martian Mo-tag

Each of our signs from the "sign game". bahaa

To Eternity and Beyond!


  1. Oh my goodness! I just watched your video and I laughed out loud! I LOVE IT!!! Bet the girls LOVE having you as their leader. You're so fun.

    1. Hahah more like I am just good at making a fool of myself. It is fun! I love it.

  2. Loved the video! That was fantastic. :)

    1. Thanks Des! Super embarrassing but somewhat worth it right? Oh boy...it got the point across haha.