August 27, 2013

Anniversary x3.

I can't believe we are to the BIG 3 this year. To me that just means that marrying Jason was the best idea ever. We have been able to kind of wind down and spend a lot of time together, just the two of us. We talk a lot and we have come to the conclusion that our life has been a breeze. No extreme trials as of yet, but I guess that's all in due time right? I love him more than ever and here are a few reasons why:

- Jason is a goof. Some take him to be serious and business-minded (which he can be) but in getting to know him find that he is the most likeable man on the planet. If you ever had to get stuck on a random trip with someone, choose Jason. I am not kidding, it would be well worth your while!

-Speaking of trips, I always sleep in long car rides and Jason patiently lets me. I could quite possibly qualify as the worst travel buddy ever. Shoot.

- Jason is good at everything. If he lacks some skill he reads up on it and perfects it. This probably shouldn't be on the list because it is more irritating than anything. SERIOUSLY, what can't this guy do? 

- On that note, he is a huge help. If you need something done, call on this guy. 

- Jason is a riot and makes things 10x more fun. I always try to wait to run errands with him because he makes grocery shopping feel like Disneyland. We always seem to buy the "unhealthy/fun" things when he comes too. (Taquitos are a staple for this guy.)

- He has never been grumpy in the 4 years that I have known him. It is kind of unsettling but now you know who the contentious one is in our relationship...

- I would say my favorite thing about Jason is how motivated he is. He always has a plan, a goal, or a neat idea. He is so successful and it brings us a lot of happiness with how hard he works. I am just plain lucky.

- Jason has this sketchy love for rap but then all of a sudden throws out songs that I LOVE. I get more great songs from him than anyone I know, and I looooove new music so that is a plus!

- He doesn't sing or dance voluntarily in public so when Jason breaks into song or busts a move at random times it makes my life. He cracks me up!

- This guy is drama free. He literally could live by the matto Hakuna Matata and I wish I could learn how to be that way more. It sure makes life easier though with a husband who never fights, sees the good in absolutely everyone, and is so chill. 


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