August 2, 2013


July is gone and I honestly don't know how it happened so fast. That is always the case though right? These past two weeks have been the most fun-packed, busy, and greatest weeks of the summer and that is an annual thing. The time surrounding Magrath Days is almost better than Christmas and rightfully so with a family as amazing as mine. They seriously are the best. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If only they lived closer permanently but I guess that's the glory of it all. I appreciate every stinkin second they are here because obviously one blink *POOF* and they are gone. 


With help from Lacey we captured these past couple of weeks perfectly and I compiled a sweet treat for you, but it is just of our family reunion. If I would have included Magrath Days you would be watching into all hours of the night, but it would have been equal in greatness because my family is just plain entertaining. Love you guys!


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