September 29, 2013


I am not entirely sure where summer went or really where I went for the past couple of months. A lot has been going on and most of it being blah, boring, and really uneventful. I have LOVED it though. 

I quit my job at the hospital for reasons that contain a lot of drama, cut backs, and overall me hating the job so I am so relieved! I have been able to be at home more and MAN you wouldn't believe what gets done these days. I spent a few days in Edmonton helping Dave out at his Clinic just because I can, I get to watch Austy in his all-star vball glory and it's my favorite, I get to watch things like New Girl and Greys without being months late, our friends are more of a weekend thing than an everyday thing (we spent Friday the 13th at the Corn Maze, watching scary shows, and baking pie. YES!), and I have just been spending every waking minute with my family. It's heaven. Sweet, simple fun and I am 10x happier. I never realized how much work impacts life. I love working at the Pharmacy and getting to do the things I love. 

Dropped Gma off for her family history cruise // Jesse is in kindergarten [!!] // Blinding Baby Ray in the tub. Woops! // Camryn being so cute. Love those kids.
Vball with our monstars // Corn Maze and bright flashes // Ram toque at the Pharmacy (you know you want one) // Sayonara  hospital

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  1. yay for an update! oh man, grandma with light hair! crazy! love it. Ray does look a little perplexed but so adorable ;) I miss your guts!