October 9, 2013

And it's OUUUUUT!

Secrets are terrible. Good thing I had Jason to keep me sane and tight lipped about the whole thing. Do you realize how hard it is to get a cold, be pregnant, work at a pharmacy, get offered every cold medication under the sun, and have to LIE that you took some at home that morning? Then 3 hours later say you magically feel cured, and then 3 more hours later say you are going to check the mail but instead run to the clinic because you are about to go crazy? I appreciated the care and concern but I had to learn really quick that sucking it up or quick sweet lies were the only option. Sorry guys.

I luckily have been feeling GREAT ever since that dang head cold and Jason and I are beyond excited! Think of your biggest dream, imagine finding out that one day it is going to come true, imagine that excitement, and then amplify it by 1000! Yup, that's how I have been feeling. Euphoria has been my main symptom so far and after announcing it to the world we have felt so loved and so blessed! Being parents is going to be bumpy (literally) but absolutely amazing! Here is to Baby Petey and snacks. You are both my best buds these days.


  1. So excited for you guys Bryanna! You know I love each and every Bennett in the world!

  2. Best news yet, I am thrilled for both of you- and us too!

    1. Thank you Grandma! Glad you are finally home safe and sound for all of the updates. You have a new "womb"mate!