October 5, 2013

Crocheting {blankets}.

Spurts of craftiness and ambition are super spontaneous for me and I get nervous about showing things off but I have had some fun this past year. I picked up crocheting last year from my mother in-law (my mothers are my biggest inspirations - no doubt about that) and ran with it! It has been impossible to keep up with all of the babies that my family and friends have been having, but here are some of the blankets I have loved being able to give. 

 Baby Ray is my sister Lauren's little man. It was made for his blessing day and was one of my favorites because it was the first one I ever made and it was so big and pretty! White though? Sorry Lo. Bailey looks like she has been some good use out of it! haha

Baby Hayden is my brother David's little man. I saw this blanket pattern and fell in love! How fun is this chevron? I love the colors.
(I asked for a picture of Hayden with his blanket and got these pictures in return. There was no way I couldn't post them! haha. When is this family not being awesome?)

This last blanket was made for my cousin Cori's little man Henry. I loved the waffle pattern and decided I definitely wanted to make this one just because of how it looks. It is a smaller car seat or sleeping mat blanket. Grey is my favorite and it was one of Cori's wedding colors so I decided it was probably the best color scheme. Love you CoFro!

Thank you world for the overload of baby making, the fact that 9 months is the perfect amount of time to make a blanket, and to all of those crocheting bloggers and online sharers out there. You have been lifesavers. I have learned a lot about my limits of patience, that getting frustrated with a pokey stick in hand is dangerous and Jason keeps his distance, but also that I am addicted to these things! I love the final result - no matter how long it takes to get there. I do have one request though ... give me a girl so I can make some cute girly blankets?! Please and thanks.