October 8, 2013

I know this girl.

All stolen pictures...thank you Julie and FB! haha
I have the most amazing women in my life. They are extremely inspiring, strong, and talented ladies but I have to put the spotlight on someone who definitely deserves it right now. Today my beautiful sister-in-law, Kristi, went in for a very risky and complicated surgery. Back in April she gave birth to my perfect, premature nephew Hayden and it was terrifying for me because after 4 c-sections she had what was known as placenta percreta. Having the baby could have resulted in hemorrhage, bleeding out, or loss of systemic functions. It was one of the most real and scary experiences I have ever had to deal with in my life so far I think. I maybe bawled in front of my young women's class hysterically with the thought of losing her because she honestly is one of my best friends. 

My brother, Dave, is 10 years older than me so Kristi instantly became my older sister when they got engaged. I remembered putting together the invitations, I remember thinking she was the prettiest girl in the world, and I remember feeling like a pretty little princess on their wedding day as we got ready in Dave's tiny little apartment. I used to play their wedding slideshow song, Girlfriend, on repeat on my neon green CD player while I slept, studied, or cleaned my room all growing up. (I maybe still sometimes do...) To say these two were my idols was an understatement. I was that little!! haha.

Now grown up and somewhat? mature, I had the chance to live at D&K's house and play with their amazing kids on a daily basis. It was probably the greatest life altering situation of my life. I learned right then and there that I wanted to have a fun, big family just like them, and I wanted to have a super super clean house because they had this rule that they would "put the house to bed" every night and it was so nice! (I will get better at that one Kristi haha) I also wanted to be the most hospitable person in the world watching these two and their love for anyone and everyone, and I wanted to learn to love someone as much as they loved each other because throughout the good and the bad these two were rocks! You really have no idea. I was dating Jason at the time and they are probably a big part of why I learned to love Jason unconditionally the way I do!

If you haven't met Kristi you are missing out. She is one of the most entertaining, fun loving, hilarious, beautiful, genuinely concerned, head strong, clean, crazy, modest, and all around greatest woman on earth! I have been so blessed to have her in my life and I am certainly grateful that there has been good news regarding her surgery. I love you more than you know Kristi Bo-Bisty and I am so happy I get to be a Mom someday because I have some great examples to live after. One definitely being you!

I wish you a super speedy recovery (hopefully in time for your anniversary in 3 days haha) and I love you lots!



  1. Amen! Love you, Kristi. I also thought (and still do!) Kristi's style was amazing. I was in my prime teen years and thought she was soooo cool. Just fun to be around. I am jealous of her cleaning skills as well. Keeping prayers on her!

  2. Oh man, you know I love that girl so very much too! This post was so great at highlighting how wonderful she is and I love that you included the cleaning haha! She has made me want to be sooo on top of things because she's a real person with real kids! I've had her on my mind non-stop the past couple days and was so happy to talk to Dave and know she is on the mend!