October 23, 2013

We built this Schmidty on tootsie rolls.

I maaaaybe caved this week and bought Halloween candy. I definitely would not consider this a craving because it happens every year but this candy needs to consist of caramilks and tootsie rolls - my two guilty pleasures. I would pick them out of my bag first thing when I would get back when I was little from trick-or-treating and hide them away so I didn't have to share or have the likely chance of someone stealing them. It was a competitive business keeping candy from 2 brothers and a Mom with a sweet tooth like non other! (haha love you Mom) 

I had to share the love and took the candy to work with me because otherwise there is going to be more "food baby" in me than actual baby as I inhale it at home. I have tried to be as motivated as possible but this week hit me like a ton of bricks! So much for getting over the deadly first trimester hump! I threw up due to a smell and some smells still send me reeling. I definitely see a little bump forming and others comment on it too (when do I learn to accept this bump?). Oh and lastly, I hit walls out of the blue! Not literally of course, even though I have broken 2 bowls and 3 glasses in the last month, but if I could I would take a cat nap everyday. I am in so much trouble when my stomach grows 500x the size and throws me off a lot more. My poor poor equilibrium doesn't stand a chance! Let's just say we are in for a bumpy ride but even though my house and own perfume make my stomach want to turn inside out lately, I have decided to focus on some positives:
  • I got to hear our little baby's heart beat this week!! The best!
  • We got a new car and I feel like a champ driving it haha.
  • The firebugs are starting to die because it is getting colder out, therefore, I have less little critters in this basement of ours.
  • My mother in-law insisted I come pick out fabric for baby blankets this week even though we don't know the gender. I sure hope it is a girl now...that fabric was BY FAR cuter!
  • I have candy in my house. Nuff said.
  • I got to shoot my gourd for once and for all!! (6 months too late?)
  • I just got back from an hour and a half walk with Chester, my family's dog. We live right by a nature trail so you can imagine how pretty that is in the fall! (oh and you know life's good when you don't care that burrs are stuck on your face)


  1. I love picturing your mom stealing your Halloween candy haha. Yay for hearing the heartbeat! Pretty amazing isn't it?

    1. Hahaha sneaky Mom. It really was fascinating and it made things a lot more real haha. Hope you are LOVING being a mommy. Jimmy is the cutest!

  2. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question about the dog. Would you me able to email me? Thanks.

  3. K so I just started watching New Girl with Scott, and when I heard "we built this schmidty on tootsie rolls" I knew I had heard it somewhere… Lo and behold, it was yours! Cool story..

    1. Hahaa I seriously love New Girl and I kind of refer to it way too much... woops! My latest blog post title is just for you! ;)