November 3, 2013

Grandma's Gift

I had the opportunity to really sit and do some pondering this morning. Grandma is going to be so embarrassed I am telling you this story but at about 4:30 AM I woke up to some beautiful music softly coming from upstairs. She has played at this hour of the morning before but Jason and I are heavy sleepers and didn't hear a thing so thinking that this would be the same sort of situation, which it was for Jason, she proceeded to play for about 45 minutes. I could have probably tried really hard to go back to sleep because it was soothing and beautiful but instead I started to think. I sat and started to ponder all the unintentional things that I am taught by my sweet sweet Grandmother. What a blessing to live in such close proximity to such an inspiring, influential, and exemplary lady!

There are 2 things I know about Grandma. One is that she takes her calling very seriously and magnifies it to her fullest capacity. Right now she is the ward music chairman and I know there are a few people in the ward, my young women being a large majority, who get sought out or "hounded" if you will for their musical talents they are hiding. That leads me to the second thing I know, Grandma does not take lightly "hiding your light under a bushel". I know it took me a while to learn myself but I hope that the young women get to see these opportunities as a blessing rather than an annoyance or uncomfortable situation. The Lord has given us these gifts for a reason. 

Anyways, these were just my thoughts as I listened to Grandma play hymns and practice her choir part this morning. With her fourth-time-around mission call starting in April it is no surprise that I find Grandma so amazing. I just want to let you know that I definitely saw your music practice at 4:30 AM as a lovely moment for me rather than a disturbance. Jason didn't hear a single note. His loss!

Love you Grandma! I hope April takes it's sweet time getting here because you have been a great roomate (who sadly leaves just before getting to meet our new additional "womb"mate). Oh well, Nauvoo is sure lucky!


  1. I concur. She is also a force to be reckoned with in our Lions club. Thanks to her initiative, we have several new annual projects .. christmas box collections, no cost clothing, lions christmas program/town choir, lions speech contests, and more ..

  2. I met Grandma O in the bathroom at the church when she was practicing her little speech for Dave and Krisit's wedding reception and we have been buddies ever since. What a great lady, makes me miss my own Grandma's!

  3. What a tender post. Thank you for sharing! I am now subscribed so I don't miss any more. You are a wonderful and insightful writer! Love you!