December 13, 2013

In the ghettooooo.

I am kind of the queen of last minute Christmas cards. By last minute I mean they come together within an hour or so and cost me some measly pennies. I have always loved Christmas cards. I love pinning them up and getting the latest and greatest updates from family and friends. However, making them is always a bit of a different story...

Jason and I are not big into pictures. Our wedding day was a little tough because I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. My childhood days (and really high school days too) of glasses, terrible teeth, an awkward smile, and "classy" clothes may have some impact on this. Either way, I always peruse through our photos from the year and try to find 3 photos of Jason and I that are acceptable. JUST 3! If only I could make a card with pictures of my cute nieces and nephews on it - now those pictures invade every folder of my computer. Our baby doesn't stand a chance!

The process of Christmas cards is super simple. I will let you in on my secret simply because it is nothing special, because I have heard the $300 Christmas card horror stories way too many times, and also because some of my friends tend to think that Christmas cards are high maintenance. I am here to tell you that they are NOT and are so much fun to create, so here is my Christmas card lowdown:

  1. pick a photo (the hardest part for this extremely photogenic person - boo!).
  2. add some fun text to your photo with one of the bazillion apps or computer programs that are out there these days.
  3. pick a cute Christmas tyopgraphy picture from the internet (this year, Pinterest).
  4. make a collage and squish them together.
  5. send them off to print at Costco (deal of 10 cents a pic).
  6. they are ready to pick up in the morning the next day!
  7. OPTIONAL: print off little updates for family and paperclip it to the card when you mail them out. Again, super simple.
  8. VIOLA!
They aren't the prettiest things you will put on your fridge, in fact, ours might be the one that gets slightly tucked behind another card that shimmers, is picture perfect, and maybe plays music with the click of a button? Hey, that's okay with me! At least I got to share the love this year and had a jolly good time doing it! Maybe next year, when we have a cute baby to show off, we will go all out but for now you get to enjoy our cards in all their ghetto glory! 

Merry Christmas! Love Jason, Bry, and Baby-to-be.


  1. I just watched this episode hahaha. "In the ghettooooooooo"

    1. I sing this all the time out of the blue...thanks a lot Jessica Day. Now my Dad sometimes does too ha! Gets me everytime.

  2. So cute! I love Christmas cards, I should have sent you one!!

    1. And I should have sent YOU one! Dang! Oh well, we can feel the love without cards. ;) Love you guys!