January 11, 2014


This handsome man turned 25 yesterday and I am warning you I feel a probable sappy brag-session coming on.

I secretly have a love/hate relationship with Jason's birthday. My hate reason is because it is so close to Christmas and my creativity somehow fizzles whenever I have to come up with another gift. I always try to save one of his Christmas gifts for his big day but then get too excited and give it anyway. I guess that might explain why this year he got a new electric shaver. WOMP! 

My love reason, however, is because it's a new year and everything about Jason speaks fresh. He is super motivated, always has new ideas and goals, and for his birthday I always feel a "rekindled" love for him - if that's even possible? A lot happens in a year and it can be wearing but I don't know a single person I would rather spend all my time with than this amazing, good looking guy!

This year I didn't have to work in the morning so I made Jason waffles with lots of bacon because that's the Peterson guy main food group. Meat. We then headed our separate ways for the day and met up with friends later for dinner in Lethbridge. I think Jason is one of the most well-liked individuals on the planet because we ended up having 27 people at that dinner...I approximated 12. WHAT?! I mean it when I say Jason is the kindest, and most personable guys I know. Drama, sarcasm, and Debbie Downer are never used to personify him and it has taught me a lot! (Mostly that I need to figure my crap out but that's a work in progress!) It took me a while to accept him being so loved by the people in my home town but hey, I got myself a keeper! A measly second to this guy is worth it.

I could go on for days and days but I will just wrap it up with the fact that I am most excited to become a parent with Jason. I honestly feel a lot of confidence with our new adventure coming in just 15 weeks and feel extremely blessed to have Jason as my sidekick. It is sometimes hard to even remember I am pregnant because when living with someone as upbeat as Jason you just naturally realize the show must go on. I get boring and tired but then the next thing I know we are on a drive looking at neat houses, playing battleship, or doing the dishes. I don't know how he does it - I HATE dishes! I'm sure glad I married someone who makes life so perfect though.

Love you Jase.

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