January 28, 2014

The Gift of Time.

For Christmas this year I gave Jason a present to open on Christmas Eve. We had just partied hard with our family and were alone and too excited to sleep. The present consisted of 1 main envelope and 12 little ones. In the main envelope was a letter explaining my gift, the "gift of time". 

I realize that that seems super sappy and not very exciting but looking back on the previous year, I have realized that Jason and I have morphed a lot as a couple. Our priorities and what we do in a day has changed drastically. With a little baby on the way, Jason's graduation, some big future plans, and fun expectations to come this year, I decided that I wanted to make sure we make each other numero uno through all the crazy. Each month we open the envelope and inside is a planned date! I tried to mix things up with some being simple, a couple being outside of the country, and most local. Jason was PUMPED! Out of all the gifts, I was definitely most excited to give this one. It gives us a lot to look forward to! We made a pact to follow through with it each of them, which might be the hardest part, so I figured I would have to document them so it's official.

This month I planned skating, sledding, or curling (great idea almost 7 months pregnant hey?) and good thing too because there is ice to spare outside these days! Jason chose curling and both of our dads LOVE this sport so we made a party of it. I am terrible and would have definitely brought shame to the Magrath Curling Club but it was still perfect... even if I now have a love/hate relationship with sliders.

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