February 25, 2014

AZ Getaway.

I'm definitely considering this trip our little babymoon even though we are spending it with friends and family. I think I almost prefer it this way anyway haha. 

Jason and I have been trying to get my parents to Zona for a while now. Jason's parents share a house with a bunch of families and we have had the luxury to come visit quite a bit. My own parents have only ever heard about it so I figured it was about time! We have a 4-day window between Austy's bball games this week so we jumped on a plane and made our quick escape. We have been loving things so far and it might be hard to get my parents to leave! What's not to love about perfect weather and cheap mansions? haha.

(More of the trip to come.)


  1. Yay for a babymoon! ... and YAY FOR WEARING SHORTS IN FEBRUARY!!! Hope you all have fun!

  2. What a wonderful break you all deserve. I am looking forward to the details and seeing if you got a tan!