February 8, 2014

Simple Nursery Progress.

Jason and I are so blessed. Really! We have some of the greatest people surrounding us and I know that this isn't even half of what is to come. In just 2 weeks our poor excuse of a nursery has turned from pretty lame to pretty much complete. It is still super simple and that will probably not be changing but I have been loving slowly putting it together this week! Here are some sneak peeks that are bound to change but for now I think it's perfect.

Receiving blankets and burp cloths made by my mother in-law. 

Honestly, baby girl clothes are just toooooo cute!

Sage & Harper diaper bag and cute crib that people gave me for killer prices!
(People are too kind when they find out you're expecting.)

This closet is slowly filling up!

Jason's comment everyday, "And I thought your clothes were small!" 

Half the things I own are from my family's Pharmacy and I love working there!
I have left out pictures of the dresser and also a large "beautiful" floral vintage couch that is along the wall. We didn't have space for this couch anywhere else in the house, but hey it would be great to rest and visit on later right? It took some major convincing on Jason's part, but I guess it can stay. I am hoping to get the dresser re-done in March when it warms up outside and I can paint. Until then I am going to sit on that floral couch and just imagine this place with a cute little girl in it! Just 78 more days! We are that excited!!


  1. Cutest nursery ever!! So excited for this little girl to come!

  2. k... there is not ONE thing I don't like in this nursery. ADORABLE. So simple and cute! Even the driftwood looks cute! You are sooo vintage country modern. Love it. I can't even fathom what this little girl is going to look like. So excited! Have you gotten something else from me? I'm hoping it's as cute as it was on the picture... if not, don't ruin your cute nursery with it!

    1. Thanks Lo! It sure is fun to just sit and imagine. I do it way too much! haha. I haven't got anything else from you but you are way too sweet! Thank you!