March 30, 2014

Bailey & Ollie Came to Visit

I have HANDS DOWN the cutest, sweetest, most entertaining nieces and nephews of all time. It's a fact! A couple of weeks ago Bailey Capri and Ollie came to visit while their mom and dad were away at a conference. They came to see me and Grandpa (and the toys of course) at the Pharmacy a couple of times. I was in the back pricing things when Bailey came up to me and handed me the cutest picture that she had drawn at home for me before they came. I blame her creative and thoughtful mama for this little gesture but it made me melt and I will forever have it on my fridge. 

I grabbed a few pictures of them on Sunday afternoon when Uncle Ben was around to play too. Uncles are always the most fun. We love these cute kids! 

Sidenote: the pictures of them hiding and running for their lives is due to scary Uncle Jason (AKA Uncle Peteski). He's going to be a fun dad. :)


  1. Glad you guys had fun with them! Also, that picture was allll Bailey lol. She came up to me and said, "Mommy can you put dots on this that says: Auntie Bry? I want to trace it."

    1. Ha! She is the sweetest. It seriously made my day!