February 3, 2014

BUMPDATE: 28 Weeks

Oh hey there 3rd trimester! 

How Far Along? 28 weeks, 78 days to go! 

How am I feeling? I have been getting some major kicks to the ribs the past 2 weeks. Extremely uncomfortable! 

Activities: Still just working at the Pharmacy and playing volleyball with the ladies. I am not sure when I will stop either of those but we're playing it by ear. 

Unexpected: No swelling (thank you winter), no varicose veins (just my many natural superficial veins that I have had since I was 12. boo!), and no stretch marks on my belly so far. 

Confession: I have been getting a lot of belly attention these days, of course, but as you can kind of see above, my belly button sticks out a mile! I have always had a bit of an outey and I'm not kidding when I say most people touch it over my own belly. FAR more often. It cracks me up so I decided to tape it down yesterday. I laughed my face off at how ridiculous it looked but it did the trick. 

Movement? I think she is starting to get a bit more cramped because her constant dancing occurs mostly in the evenings now. 

Things I have bought so far? I should change this to "things others have bought/made for me". I have been extremely blessed with amazing friends and family because in just 2 weeks my nursery has received a fun little face lift and is starting to fill up! Holy smokes, girls clothes are cute!!

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