March 29, 2014

Link LOVE lately.

I spent some time perusing the internet this morning and found some little gems I wanted to share. I know they might seem a little blah but I personally love link posts and seeing what things speak to others. Whether it be music, articles, sites, new shows, or fun ideas, I love that people share it. So here you have it, a little link lovin' today.

A playlist I have had on repeat these days.

Some cute products my sister showed me on etsy. :)

An inspiring article that got me thinking.

A new found affordable online shopping site.

Some advice to remember for post-baby but also women in general from this blog post.

Some favourite quotes:


  1. Love your playlist, Everett and I are jamming to it today!

    1. Yesss! Thanks Cassie! Glad you like it. :)