April 20, 2014

Bumpdate: 39 Weeks

Hopefully my last bumpdate post -- well until next baby ;)

How Far Along? 39 weeks -- 7 DAYS TO GO! I hope we don't have to go into week 40. 

Sleep? I sleep somewhat comfortably but for some reason I wake up at 7:30 AM every morning without fail. It's like clock work! I don't even set my alarm anymore and being the type of person that hits snooze 4 times before I consider waking up, that is highly unusual for me! 

Best moment this week?  Getting settled and just being able to finally soak everything in. I could have a baby here this week! We also got to meet baby Berkley and she is a doll! 

Weird pregnancy moment?  Hmmm maybe that my prego brain is taking over and I KNOW I will say or forget at least 5 weird things in a day. It's ridiculous -- Jason loves my reminder lists everywhere.  

Movement: Things are definitely getting tighter but that doesn't stop her really. You can just look at my stomach from across the room to see her move these days. Kind of alien-like?? 

Stretch marks? I got my first stretch marks this week. Noooo! Her little ghetto booty hangs out around my belly button all day long and moves baaaack and forth and with how much I swear she has grown lately, these zebra stripes were inevitable. :\ (worth it!) 

What we are looking forward to:  Just finally having our little lady to HOLD! It will be a mess but I am so excited! I also am looking forward to being able to sleep on my belly again and see my toes...

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