April 19, 2014

I Guess This is What They Call Nesting

I didn't understand the concept of nesting until we decided a couple of weeks ago to move upstairs. Not the best timing but wow I get it now. In some moments I was nervous I wouldn't have things ready in time but I can now officially say we are moved in! Even if it was just from the basement up to the main floor, it was quite the undertaking! I have never scrubbed, cleaned, de-junked, and rearranged so much in my life. Kristi, you would be so proud haha!

Here are some pics of the fun we have been having. 

Finally painted this fun baby dresser - peach with cute knobs :)

Crocheted blanket for my friend's baby,  Berkley <3


  1. Wait! Your baby's name is Berkley?? Or is that someone else's baby? Cute house Bry! Looks like the perfect place to bring a baby home to. Awww you get to have a newborn so soon! So fun. Just kiss her and snuggle her all day every day because they grow wayyy too fast (yada yada can't believe I'm saying that now haha)

  2. Oh woops! I should clarify that my friend just had her baby and named it Berkley. Sorry! I am just way too excited Mela! Can't wait to join the mama train with you haha. 🚂

  3. Ok cutest house ever! Love it. Can't believe baby girl will be here so soon! Enjoy every second with her

    1. Thanks Miken! It's going to be so crazy! I will try to soak it all in :)