May 11, 2014

My Mama

I was almost 10 cm dilated in the delivery room and almost ready to push when I got the news that Remi was holding onto the umbilical cord and cutting off her oxygen supply. The doctor came in and I expected her to tell me that we were ready to start pushing when the stinging words of "we need to perform an emergency c-section" hit me like a ton of bricks. I kept it cool because I trusted my doctor but lost it the minute they wheeled me out those doors and I saw her in the waiting room... 
my Mom.

Pure fear. Tears. Uncontrollable shaking.

Jason was close though and with continuous kisses to the forehead and a million hand squeezes I was able to calm down and focus on the fact that my baby was going to be here in a matter of seconds!!

So here I am, not even 2 weeks into motherhood and I couldn't appreciate mothers more than I do now. It's tough! I've caught myself wondering why I was kept in the dark on so many things even when so many people had shared their experiences with me but the truth is, there are some things you just CANNOT prepare for -- or fathom really! The human body is amazing! The medical field is amazing! Becoming a mother is amazing

My Mom and I didn't always see eye to eye in high school but these days she is one of my best friends. This past week she has been my rock and has helped me out tremendously! I thank my lucky stars she is 3 doors away. She makes sure that I remember to eat, blends up smoothies {bonus!}, has helped me through some hormonal moments, has had the best advice, lets me catch a break whenever I'm running on empty, and she loves my baby girl almost as much as we do...almost haha. It's the best thing a new mom could ask for! I am way too lucky and she is a lifesaver!

The thing is, she would do this kind of thing for anyone. She is as selfless and as sweet as it gets and that's why I just needed to dedicate this post to one of the greatest women I know. I am so blessed to call you my Mom and I hope I am a quarter of the Mom for Remi that you are for me. 

I love you.


  1. love this! And you video was the CUTEST!

    1. Thank you! She was so fun to capture... I had to cut footage down A LOT! I imagine "Baby Steed" will have a lot of photos taken of him/her someday with you as it's mama haha! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kylie! I definitely did some of that too haha. Love you! And your Mother's Day card made my life! Seriously...where do you come from?! You're too amazing!!

  3. What is up with these little babes these days. Terrifying their mamas like that and throwing them for a loop. So glad she is here safely. She is beautiful. Also, my husband and I quote your "milk drunk" comment from your movie all the time. We thought it was hilarious!

    1. I know hey?! Your situation was a lot more extensive though and I am so glad you and Baby Sienna are doing so well! I couldn't resist adding the milk drunk video -- how terrible are we?! muahaha