June 6, 2014

Made For Sunny Days

We have been getting outside a lot these past couple of weeks. A lot of the nieces and nephews have been visiting and it has made for a lot of fort time and walks to the fishpond. I love where my family grew up with a TON of beautiful nature right in our backyard.

Last Sunday Me, Mom, Dad, and Jono walked a crazy route with Remi in tow. They carried her over many gates, fences, and through a ridiculous field of thistles. We even ended up on the golf course haha! I was nervous because babies are ticking time bombs but Remi of course slept through the whole thing. (This is why I call her Rem Gem. Atta girl!)

Here are some pics of the fun -- there are a lot!
(i will take any excuse to bust out the camera. woo!)


  1. haha. i love the picture of Jono carrying the stroller through a field. That little Rem must be a dream!

  2. So cute Bry! I love all the pictures!!

  3. I just love you and everything about you!