June 15, 2014

My Man

Your best friend becomes your boyfriend. 
Your boyfriend become your fiance. 
Your fiance becomes your husband. 
Nothing, however, beats seeing your husband become a dad.

Jason somehow can put Remi to sleep in this position seen above almost without fail every time. I come across these two snuggling on the daily and it would make you melt too! She knows and loves her daddy but it's not that hard to love someone like JP.

When I first met Jason we were at a gangster party and I still thought he was a stunna -- grills, bling necklace, and all. We know how to keep things classy, I know. Getting to know him was extremely easy because Jason is the most likeable guy out there. Ask anyone. My brothers rave about Jason to this day because he is extremely fun, kind, drama free, [insert any likeable trait here], etc. The only hard part about Jason was being noticed in the long line of other girls that wanted to date him. ;) I was kind of over the moon when he picked me after getting home from his mission. 

The dating, engaged, and newlywed phases were so fluffy and fun. (SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!) I look back and think of how love struck we were -- the twitterpated/giddy kind. We had so much family and friends around that life ended at 1AM the earliest and we just never slept. It was a party! Life will always be a party with JP but it has morphed and grown into something so much deeper. Now we share like the same cup and stuff. It's precious. Then bring a baby into the mix and BOOM. She's the vinegar to this baking soda reaction. You get the nerdy point. It's just a whole new love seeing your man snuggle the sweet baby you created together...we still don't get to bed before 1 AM though haha.

I could try and explain it but I just can't quite do this love story justice.
(Wow, so many L-bombs being dropped in this post. Sorry!)
I love you Jase and I can't wait to see how this relationship continues to expand and grow. You make my life amazing with very little effort. You're a kid at heart but still a man with extreme motivation, success, and talent. I'm one lucky lady. Happy first Father's Day!

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