June 5, 2014

My New Job

This is FAR from a top knot hair tutorial. HA! Far far from. In fact I would name that tutorial "flyaway grease ball of a hairdo" if I could.

I have tried countless times the past few weeks to get on the computer and attempt a post but I am seriously starting to think that this chair triggers Remi's cry or the doorbell. I loooove visitors and I looooove my baby but this is the first chance in 5.5 weeks that it has been able to happen. Don't get me wrong, posting to social media has become my best friend these days as I have been unable to refrain from trying to catch Remi's super cute photo ops but those posts only happen late at night... as I sit in my rocking chair... in the nursery... with one arm tied up holding a perfect little human... and don't require typing. It might sound a bit limiting and my hair and makeup probably won't get done in the next month either, however, things are starting to become a lot more routine and I LOVE my new job.

I am still a newbie and still really have no idea what I'm doing but from my experiences I will share some reasons why I am loving this new mom thing.

  1. For all those who know me, you know that I hate attention. Remi is my dream come true because even though her visitor count is through the roof, all they really want is to see her. I could be dressed in just underwear looking rough (which has been very close to happening a few times) and I am sure the person in my doorway wouldn't even notice because all they want to see is Miss Remalem.
  2. She has brought a new amount of love into our lives that we didn't even know existed. I could stare and stare at her for hours -- okay, I do that all the time. Remi is a sleep master and dishes/laundry are my #1 item of procrastination because she is way too distracting! Even amidst the crying and pooping we find it way too easy to love on this girl!
  3. Although your body has taken quite the beating and physically you are not the same, it just doesn't seem to matter. Dignity and shame fly straight out the window when you have a baby which is something I would have never seen happening in my selfish life a month ago! I am so impressed with the human body though and how fast it heals. I am definitely not back to my previous self but for all of you worried about stretch marks and getting fat, it is worth it and it doesn't last forever. I am 1 week away from being able to finally get to exercise but I already am feeling less "flabby" haha. That's a plus!
  4. I have the greatest sidekick on the planet. Without Jason I would probably have gone insane or attempted shaking baby syndrome by now. Although Remi is really quite the dream baby, it isn't easy talking to an unresponsive and unpredictable tiny human all day. No matter how many smiles and coos she may make, human interaction and the chance to take a break makes me extremely grateful for a supportive husband!
  5. There are countless reasons why being a mother is amazing but the thing I have loved the most has been learning to appreciate life, especially the little things. I appreciate a million things a day and count my blessings over and over. Things like getting out in the sun, getting to actually sit and eat, or uninterrupted sleep are things I took for granted. I would trade it all in a heart beat though because our appreciation for Remi is kind of unbeatable. We are loving being parents.


  1. Awe Bry! You're the best momma to the cutest little angel! I love this post... I makes me want to have one too! haha we'll wait a little bit for that but good to know it's just as amazing as I think it would be! Love you guys!

  2. You are such a sweet mama. It's so important to look at the positive side of everything- nice work!