August 26, 2014


Seriously though. 
It's almost 2 AM.

Remi is pretty great at sleeping but I still am up at odd hours. I just got through some blogs I have been dying to finally catch up on, some payroll updates, my financial check, and some journaling. So sue me. Remi decided to go down for the night a little later than usual but when that moment hits, BAM, I am taking full advantage of every free second! It's ME TIME - something all moms can probably relate to? They say you sleep when the baby sleeps and that is partially true but a messy house, fresh air, or an empty stomach take precedence over snoozing most of the time.  My days are just too packed to really get in the things I love sometimes so when you sleep I'm awake because everything is still and peaceful and uninterrupted. I love seeing a like on my instagram at 3, 4, or 5 AM because it came from a mom and everything, absolutely everything I do revolves around that title these days.


  1. Omg truer words have never been written. When e sleeps I know I should sleep but I need time to wind down, do nothing, watch the kardashians haha such a internal battle !

    1. Oh I hear ya! I've never experienced such inner turmoil haha. Glad it's not just me!!