August 29, 2014

REMI UPDATE: 4 months

How old? 4 months today
Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz. 
Length: 26 inches
Physical changes: I have been putting your hair in a little fountain pony and man people love it! haha. You are definitely getting chubbier, longer, and so smiley. I also LOVE your cheeks! 
Eating and sleeping: You love food and conveniently take my milk from a bottle when I go out and about. You sleep through the night 98% of the time but have started taking little cat naps like you're getting older or something. Boo.
New habits, talents, and accomplishments: You blow bubbles, kick like crazy (sometimes to music), you like to squawk and "talk" which has won you the new nickname Remisaurus from Aunt Chris haha. You are also just starting to teethe and drool like crazy. Whaaaat?!
New places visited and new experiences: Since this is the first update I will catch up on all that you've done. Fairmont, Wally's beach, Raymond parade, Magrath parade, Waterton x4, boat rides, sat on a baby black cow and many dogs haha, rode in a mini dump truck, and you are pretty good in the bumbo! We maaaaaybe also forced you into participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with us... you're going to regret being born to us crazies! ;) link here.
Favorite things and activities: You love your soother and I love it too haha. You love baths, hot tubs, tickles, standing with us supporting you (your face lights up so much, cracks me up!), a lot of rolling, staring at patterns and trees, facing out and seeing the world (which makes carseats, strollers, and nursing covers a pain now), walks outside, music, and gumming toys to death!
Not a big fan of: As before mentioned, being constricted and not being able to look out. Tummy time is a work in progress - you get kind of lazy haha. You also dislike being cold.
Love Note: I held a little 4-day old baby the other day and holy smokes time has flown! I always laughed at moms who said that over and over but it's crazy! I love having you as my little sidekick and getting to see you change. You are such a sweet baby and your little toothless smile is extremely contagious - especially when you flash it at passers by. Love ya, Remalem!