September 7, 2014

Montana Getaway

Jason and I have an obsession with looking at homes. It is a bit of a farfetched hobby but nonetheless our favorite. Jason surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Montana earlier this week and when we found out they were having their Parade of Homes at the same time, it was the cherry on top! I quickly learned that we might have to make it a tradition because the modern country style that I LOOOOVE was in every house. We are talking beams, barn wood, and beautiful landscapes galore! Heaven. It was fantastic and the million dollar+ house on the lake wasn't too shabby either. :P 

I thought I got some great pictures of all the homes but in retrospect they don't do the experience justice. However, on the way home we hit up Logan's Pass a.k.a. the road to the sun. It was too easy to get a bit trigger happy as we winded through the pass with all the natural light. Made for some sick shots! Jase and I hadn't done this drive since we were both super young so we found it pretty dang fabulous. I think these pics will explain it all.

If you're planning a mini getaway, I recommend a little parade of homes action (mountain/lake edition). Muy bueno!


  1. You're such a good photographer, Bry! I want to see some pictures of these homes!

  2. Keep up the photography! I think you've got talent in that! Remisaurus.... just melt my heart why don't you. Call me! ;)