October 22, 2014


I get to be the leader of the 13-15 year olds (miamaids) in our Mormon church organization. It is way too much fun. For one of our activities I highlighted this quote by President Hinckley.

I had each girl sit in front of a chalkboard while the rest of the girls jotted down compliments and things they liked about that certain person. Talk about pressure hey? I was nervous that some girls weren't going to get as many things written down as others but it was actually me and Rem who they struggled on hahaha. Let's be honest, mama, baby, and frisky are quite the compliments. HA! ;)

I sure love being able to associate with these fun girls and to be part of their experiences in life. Be honest, grades 8-10 weren't exactly a walk in the park for you either! This was a fun way to brighten their day and point out how much fun they are! I'm lucky. 

Seriously though, frisky? I'm dying!! bahahahaa

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