October 28, 2014

New Old

Jason and I are planners and we talk about those plans on the daily. He had me sitting down writing down my 1, 3, and 5+ year plans the minute we were hitched. I guess he thought I was in it for the long haul or something? Kidding.
 We have some dreams. Some healthy ones, some funny ones, and some not-so-realistic ones. We follow a lot of them as hobbies and one of those includes houses. Parade of homes just ended a month or so ago and we saw them all just because. We won't be actually in the market for another year but it's fun to look around and get an idea - 4 years of ideas that is. ha! 

I have come to a conclusion that my dream 10+ years from now, or my would-love-to-have-that-someday home would be a new old home. To better describe that it would be a new home that has some old charm.

Wrap around porch. 
Simple grey, white, black, and neutral tones.
Fort and tree swing for thinking and exploring.
Exposed brick.
Accents, accents, accents.
Fun attic mess room for the kids.
Quaint kitchen.

The list goes on and on but I would love it to be full of that comfy cozy feel with a lot of character. My imagination goes crazy for this stuff! You can probably guess what the majority of my pinterest searches are... In my defense, I sit with Rem all day and that generally leads to a lot of thinking and picturing the future. No help at all! In all seriousness it's actually a lot of fun. (Everyone, be a mom! It's great.)

My only issue with my NEW OLD house is that JP has a varying approach to his style so here is to 10+ years of convincing! Game on.

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  1. haha. we are totally the same way! Your dream home sounds a lot like mine...if Brandon had his way we would live in a log cabin. So let me know your tricks on convincing and I'll put them to good use!