October 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

This is just our Thanksgiving in a nutshell. Thought I would share some photos with my family especially.

I could have probably put 5000 pictures on Instagram this weekend, it was that fun. Something about going to D&Ks in Sherwood Park always triggers party mode for me! With the good times we had, that point was yet again proven. Like Christmas or Magrath Days, Thanksgiving has become a huge tradition for our family. We always get together (with the exception of Lo's family a few times this year due to busy life) and have the best time. This year included:

This is the 2nd year in a row he has played during Thanksgiving but I don't mind. He's dang good! Love that the family gets to see him play because I am fortunate enough to see him shine all the time.

"Numba nine, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind ... !"

We all hit up 7-Eleven for slurpees/junk food and then hit up the park. I use to do this with friends all the time but it was kind of fun doing it with family. This might sound lame, but I am loving the stage my family is at. When I see my family snuggle up to Rem like she is theirs I kind of melt inside haha. It was her first time in Edmonton and it really changed my perspective because she is our start to children and I finally got to bring my baby to the mix! Not to mention, Morgan is the SWEEEETEST with her. I kind of want to steal Morg as a live-in nanny so she can teach Remi her ways. :P

I always dreamt of pumpkin patches during the fall but we don't technically have one here in SoAB. Jessica recommended this place in Edmonton and it was perfection! We had fun playing in the corn maze, picking out the greatest collection of pumpkins, seeing Jesse almost get kissed, seeing Drew turn a balloon into a bunny, racing around on go-karts, seeing Camryn and Jessica's reaction to the spooky house, the pumpkin cannon, and just wandering around to different shops, a live band, and a million fun activities for kids. It was fall heaven! Remi fell asleep at one point and when she woke up she had the perfect soother line of dirty and hay surrounding her mouth. Haha I died laughing.

It was actually D&K's anniversary this day and that night Kristi surprised Dave with a super fun dinner and a song she sang for him in their garage with his old roommates. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. It was amazing! These two are just awesome and the fact that they shared their anniversary with us proves it. So selfless and so fun! They really keep our family pretty tight because they are so hospitable and get excited to get everyone together. Love them!

SURPRISE! A video because I love you two and I love videos haha.

It's not Thanksgiving without football... played in some ridiculous random costumes. ;) I don't know exactly when this tradition started but it has been going strong for a while now! Remi was a cute hot dog and as the game went on people got a bit warm and kept throwing articles of clothing on the ground. It made for some great cushion when Remi passed out haha.

On the way home we stopped quick and finally got to see Lo and Darcy's cute family. Remi slept 99% of the day away and I blame trytophan. Between that, food, and a walk around the lake throwing the football, it was the perfect ending to this fun-filled long weekend. Hope you all had one heck of a holiday!

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