December 3, 2014

Babies Take on AZ

I have been meaning to get this post up for a couple of weeks now but between Remi all of a sudden becoming a needy busy bee, and getting hyped/stressed about Christmas, all blogging has gone out the window. 

Just after Halloween we got word that there was a free week in AZ if we wanted to take it. With school, vball wrapping up, classes, jobs, etc. we figured most people wouldn't be available to come with us. We hummed and hawed about it and then brought it up to our friends, the Johnsons. To be honest, I forgot about it and figured it wasn't happening until one morning Jason texted me and said he was booking flights. Apparently he had got a call asking if we wanted to speak in church the next Sunday. Needless to say, Jason's on the fly excuse was "we will actually be in Arizona". (!!!) Next thing I knew, Johnsons were booking their flights too, we got the last 4 seats on the flight and BAM, babies were taking on AZ!

Arizona isn't most people's idea of paradise. No beaches. No surfing. No oceanic animals. (okay, maybe I'm just thinking of a classic beach getaway...) Either way, AZ is just chill. I love Zona because when we were newlyweds, Jason's parents bought a shared house with other families and we decided to roadtrip to it, help furnish and get things set up, and roadtrip back over the course of 6 weeks. It was way too fun and even though we didn't buy in, it feels like home away from home? We are sure blessed! There is a lot to do, weather is usually prime, it's affordable, and it's soooo relaxing! We didn't see oceanic animals but we hit up the Phoenix Zoo. A lot of the animals were sleeping in the heat and it was too cold for the Komodo dragon so that was a bust. We also skipped seeing the horses and cows haha. The rest were fun though and holy smokes, rhinos are massive beasts!!

I grabbed a bunch of clips with my camera while we were there. I am sure Buck and Ash thought I was super annoying by the end of this trip because of it so I'm sorry guys! It made for a fun video though. One to remember! I loved getting to see Berkley and Remi in their true element with each other. Our babies are your average happy/crabby babies and it was nice to know that we go through similar things day-to-day. 
"Your baby does that too?! Phewph!"
I wasn't sure what two 6-month-ish olds were going to be like especially with their first times flying! It was a breeze though. Buck and Ash are so fun and so kind; they could get along with anyone which made this trip even more relaxed. Even with her own baby, Ash was always helping me out! 
** If you read this Ash, I just want you to know I love ya. You are always looking out for others and have the biggest heart so thank you, thank you, thank you! **

Thanks again for the fun + thanks AZ house owners for letting us steal a week! We still ended up having to speak the day after we got back but hey, it was worth it!

Until next time, Zona!


  1. What a deligonhtful catch up Bry. I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning and decided to work an hour and go back to sleep (Old age gets to do what it pleases sometimes!) I found your blog first thing and what a joy to visit. Remi looks delightful, how wonderful to have friends to come along and enjoy it with them. Great idea!

    Tonght we did the Messiah. We practised with a small group- then more came from all around who had done it many times and we had amazing pros join us. I loved every minute. And I almost cried in the Hallelujah Chorus. I didn't need the music and just absorbed everything. What a happy night. I love you so much and miss you.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Grandma! I don't get much posted but it is a little glimpse of Remi that I hope you can see here and there. :) We will FaceTime soon! I am glad you had a fun moment singing the Hallelujah Chorus. It isn't Christmas without that song, thank to you haha. :D