December 12, 2014

Christmas Cards

I was on top of things this year and had our Christmas cards signed, sealed and ready to be delivered the first week of December. You can say I get pretty excited about these. It's a fact. Nothing screams "I'M SPREADING THE LOVE" like opening mail and seeing all these beautiful faces and sweet messages. I'm quickly reminded how stinkin' blessed we are to be surrounded by such amazing people! I could keep them up on my picture board all year round...oh wait, I do...

This year I decided to go with a year-in-review styled card but I just couldn't find the perfect one that didn't cost a fortune. I ended up actually creating our own which was fun all in itself! I certainly am not a pro at these things but it was satisfying to see it turn out. Now to nail down all the gifts. Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Holy smokes!

Merry Christmas everyone!


2011 Card  ||  2012 Card  ||  2013 Card ||  2015 Card


  1. You are so sweet. We loved your card and baked goods. Best family ever.

  2. What a cute card. It helped so much for me to get to facetime with you at the house and your mom's place. That's what I need a lot of to make my time happier here. Merry Merry Christmas.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Grandma! Facetime will hopefully happen a little more now that we are slowly getting things back together after the holidays! Love you!