December 28, 2014

Christmas Recap

Pre-Christmas and post-Christmas were spent with the Peterson side and that's always a good time full of a lot of traditions. Gingerbread houses, acting out the nativity, a fun gift exchange and a visit from Santa are the usual main events. Remi isn't really into all of that yet but it was still fun having a little lady to share the excitement with!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent with the Bennett Crew and I'll be honest, Christmas was a doozy this year. Jason and I fought colds a couple of weeks before Christmas but it hit Remi like a freight train Christmas Day! Poor girl. It was weird how it didn't seem to mess with her mood but looking back, we probably should have definitely just taken the time to sit at home and let her SLEEP. Instead we drug her to Austin's bball games, curling and really just stayed up late and partied way too hard. Family time with the WHOLE Bennett crew is a rare commodity so we take full advantage of it when we can! This video explains it best - complete with Dave's pic of his Robert De Niro impression and JP playing the flute...backwards. Hahaha! You don't want to miss it! Priceless.

Love our families!


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    1. YOU'RE so darling haha. Hope you had the best Christmas ever! We need to catch up ASAP!