January 20, 2015

"Ling Ling, You Forgot Your Bling Bling!"

We decided to bite the bullet last week and get Remi's ears pierced. (!!!) It was something we hummed and hawed about for months. There was really no reasoning behind it, we just decided to try it out. We pulled into the parking lot and Remi, being on the verge of nap time, started to get a little fussy but we drug her into the mall where she was immediately distracted. (Thank you, stimulation!) 

If we would have thought to get a video, I could paint this scene far better but just imagine Remi sitting on my lap as the lady gets the guns loaded. We picked her birth stone as the studs, some cute little diamonds, and she just chilled. She held the arm of the chair with her little leg a swingin', casually kicking the leg, just staring expressionless at the Claire's worker. It was honestly hilarious just seeing her so content considering what we were there for and it kind of broke my heart a little! Poor girl didn't know what was about to hit her! 

I held her arms with one arm and her forehead with the other. 
First gun went off. 
No sound.
Then the struggle and whimpers started. 
I felt like a terrible Mom but she calmed and round two went similarly. We then snuggled and she took her bottle but still gave little whimpers of disbelief. 
*Oh, the guilt!*

Next thing I knew she was squawking and jabbering like her usual self and the buzz of the mall had her attention again. She didn't even want to snuggle haha. If she hadn't got over it so quickly I would tell Mom's everywhere that it's not worth it but seriously getting babies ears pierced is far better than shots, maintenance is nothing with a quick cleaning twice a day, and holy smokes she looks adorable! I am a believer that all little girls should get their ears pierced now. That extra little sparkle melts me and Remi did that enough already! (If you can believe it, Jason loves them 1000x more than I do.) Looookin' fancy, girlfrien!


  1. Okay. STOP it Rem. This is cuteness overload!!!!!

    1. Haha thanks Kylie. They're fun but a little man will be JUST as cute!! Ties, toques, and little jerseys for you guys...I can see it now haha. :P

  2. Enjoy reading your blog. Loved seeing your daughters precious earrings. Think you were a smart mommy
    for getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them. Like you, I always dreamed of having
    a little girl with cute little pierced earrings. The best time to do it is under four months according to our pediatrician who encouraged me to do it and gave me some tips for mom having their babies and little girls ears pierced.

    There is nothing sweeter than a baby with little pierced earrings. It makes them look so feminine and ingénue. Our daughter is two now and is girlie-girl. She loves changing her earrings to match her dresses.

    Any moms looking for more research on "to pierce or not to pierce," drop me an e-mail for our ped's


    1. Thank you for the information Amy! I am loving this extra bling. Should be fun later haha

  3. You can never go wrong with ear bling. It just makes little girls a little bit cuter. And people should never make the mistake of thinking they are a boy. Bonus.