January 29, 2015

Remi Update: 9 Months

How old? 9 months today
Weight: 15 lbs
Length:  28 inches
Nicknames: Rem, Remalem, Remi Roo or Remi Ruby (not sure why but Jason started these haha), Roo, Ruby, Stink or Stink Butt (sorry), Rem Rem, Remalema Ding Dong, Snuffy (Grandpa Bennett's classic), Kookie Bun (Grandma Bennett).
Physical changes: Where to start! You're hair is actually filling in so nicely and your roots are SO BLONDE. I'm excited about that. You have been getting super long in length and adding on a few pounds which I am also super happy about haha. You're chunkiness is minimal but holy smokes it's cute! Your cheeks and double chin are still my favorites haha! :P Your eyes are definitely blue like your daddy. Hallelujah!
Eating and sleeping: I have had a love/hate relationship with the feeding process in general but we are just now graduating you on to formula for strictly personal reasons. It's so convenient!! You have always been such a great eater and adjusted so well, especially to solids. Puffs, rice cereal, fruits and veggies, anything dissolvable, soft pieces of noodle, and pieces of meat are all coming into play these days. Sleeping has also been a breeze. You naturally trained yourself to sleep 12 hours at 5 months and from the beginning it was usually a solid 8-10 hours so I never felt like I lost sleep. (thank you!!!) HOWEVER, your first little tooth and your first case of the flu have definitely been throwing all good habits out the window the past few weeks. Boo. We're adjusting. You never grump about it so that's nice!
New habits, talents, and accomplishments: ONE NEW TOOTH + 2 more right at the surface!! That's fun...sort of! You didn't complain too much. You're a chatterbox! Church is getting embarrassing but I could listen to your squawks, "bwah bah bah", giggles and grunts all day! You seriously grunt all the time because you move around the house way too much. It's like you're always working hard and it cracks us up!! DO WORK! You started pulling yourself up on things at 6 months and getting around from furniture to furniture. The home care nurses were shocked! You pull yourself up and "rock climb" your way up anything with knobs or handles. Heck, you even pull yourself up pant legs! You can stand for a little while on your own and you don't take steps but you are always getting those feet galloping if someone leads you around. It's the cutest little prance. You love to dance and bob back and forth. We can sometimes get you to wave but clapping is your new favorite. It gets quite the rise out of people so you do it over and over. The ultimate rise is your GROWLING. It's straight up hilarious!!
New places visited and new experiences: It has been too cold to brave the outdoors especially with the bugs that are going around. Again,  we took you to a lot of sports, Ryan and Alisha's for a week, 3 ugly sweater parties, 3 Christmas parties, 3 times curling, the skating rink (you slept). We also pierced your ears at 8.5 months! You cried a little bit but got over the pain very fast even after they did the second ear. Atta girl! I have to say the extra sparkle makes you look soooo adorable. So fun!
Favorite things and activities: You play this game where you make a squawk or laugh at us and we do one back and then you do it again. It goes back and forth for a few minutes and you think you're pretty hilarious. Haha you are! You also actually play on your own quite a bit which gives me a few minutes to clean up after you or prepare something. When you're tired of being alone you crawl over or follow me around the house. I love my little shadow. :) You love to "gently" wrestle and just DIE laughing when we tickle you. You're going to have to learn to hide that girlfrien, or you will be peeing your pants a lot haha! Trust me, my brothers were ruthless. You love to get out and meet new people and you don't play strange quite yet so that has been nice. Sleep is a favorite of yours haha. You take two 2.5-3 hour naps a day unless we are on the go or you are sick. It's a dream! You still love your minky blankets and toys that light up. The TV is becoming a good distraction here and there but people are the ultimate attention grabber. You sit and listen to people and find kids so entertaining! (Thank you, Emery)
Not a big fan of: The texture of bananas! You make a silly face and spit them out most of the time. I don't know if it's a game or what but it's kind of funny. Being sick! That's never fun. You are a lady of anticipation and I have learned to anticipate feedings and sleep so you don't get frustrated like any normal baby. Otherwise you still stay so happy, so smiley and so chill.
Love Note: As you can tell by all the excessive info above, you have been changing a lot and becoming so interactive! It's so fun for me! I have been told 1000x that you are setting the bar pretty high for future nieces, nephews, and baby friends haha. I'm crossing my fingers this isn't just a short-term thing. I really don't ever have much to complain about on your end. It's all selfish things that come with being a mama. I am getting my body back, my hobbies back, my saneness back and I thank you for being so patient and good so that that can happen! It makes me a whole lot happier and I'm glad I have you as my little enjoyable sidekick. Love ya, Roo!


  1. This is the sweetest little thing I have ever read. She's adorable!

    1. Ah thank you so much Amy! I can't wait for you to experience all of this. It's the best! :D