February 19, 2015

Our 2014 Yearbook + Remi Baby Book

Look what came in the mail today... YEARBOOKS!

My favorite form of documenting memories is definitely our yearbooks. Not only is it so much fun looking back at all we did in 365 days but I love compiling all of my favorities into a book to look at over and over. I guess it makes my addiction to taking photos (AKA snapshot syndrome) well worth it! Both these and chatbooks entertain guests for hours. No for real. Sometimes I have to hide them if I want guests to socialize or focus on games. It's hilarious.

ANYWAY! Thanks to Shutterfly I got some great deals once again this year. They are always offering free products! I printed out 2 books - one for us and one all about Remi's first 9 months. Lets face it, Remi's photos alone could fill 500 books! ;P The program is super user friendly and the themes just get cuter and cuter. 

Blah blah blah. I'll just show you! Here's a little sample.

Now get making your own! You will thank yourself one day. :D

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